Water Damage Restoration Service

The first step to any flood call, second only to personal safety, is to mitigate the damages. Nearly all homeowner insurance policies have a Mitigation Clause. (See your policy for terms.) Generally speaking, the clause states that the homeowner must act without delay and in good faith to stop, control, and minimize a loss. Once this is done, Coronado Flood Restoration can provide you with a written, comprehensive proposal.

Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration ServiceIn this picture, we have flood that resulted from sink over-flow. This type of loss is referred to as Category 1 Loss. Broken fresh water pipes account for about 60% of all water loss claims. Once water damage occurs, it is important to respond quickly. The more time water has to penetrate your home, the longer the drying process will take. Our Services include Carpet Drying, Wet Pad Removal, Water Extraction, Content Pack-Outs, Attic to Floor Structural Drying, and Mold Inspection and Removal. All work is performed by IICRC Certified Technicians using only state of the art moisture detection tools, including Infrared Thermal Imaging.

Water Intrusion

Water Damage Restoration ServiceAnother type of flood can result from a washing machine discharge line, a dishwasher drain hose or, as seen in this photo, a roof leak due to a fallen tree. This type of water; neither Potable nor from the Sewage System is referred to as Category 2 Loss. Such a loss requires more attention than that of Category 1 Fresh Water Loss, as the water may carry Elevated Microbial Loads (i.e. elevated bacterial count.)

Toilet Back Flow

Water Damage Restoration ServiceRaw sewage back flows from a toilet or main sewage line are a very serious concern. A typical metropolitan sewage system carries many dangerous pathogens, viruses, and parasites. This type of water loss is referred to as Category 3 Loss and should be dealt with immediately and by an IICRC Certified Firm. If your water loss has come from a backflow, but you are not sure to what degree, do not take risks. Coronado Flood Restoration can help you take the right steps to protect you and your family, all the while getting your home back to normal.