Mold Removal Service

Mold Removal Service

Is mold bad for me? That question has been echoed through the Mold Remediation arena for a decade now and its answer is far from a simple yes or no. As you can see from the photo, mold, or in this case European cheese may very well be very good for us, as may medicines derived from such molds such as the well-known Penicillium strain. However, one should carefully note that some types of mold within one’s home can produce toxins, which depending on the conditions, can be very dangerous. Never more, than in the field of mold removal and remediation has ignorance bred such fear.

Today, living without knowing is not necessary. If you have any concerns about the wellness of your home, call Coronado Flood Restoration for a free consultation. We can start the process to help determine if your home has any abnormal high levels of microbial growth.


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The cleaning process required for proper Mold Remediation is an exacting one. Strict attention to every detail must be observed. Steps will generally include the following:

Construction of proper Containment, Air Flow Manipulation & Cleaning through High Efficient Particulate Aeration, (better known as H.E.P.A), removal of contaminated materials such as drywall, insulation, and other porous and semi-porous materials, and a complete wipe down of all items within the containment area. Only through these rigorous steps can one expect to pass a Post Remediation Verification.

Post Remediation Verification (PRV)

Mold Removal Service

After all mold remediation (removal) steps have been taken, Coronado Flood Restoration will offer you the opportunity to have your home tested by an Indoors Environmental Hygienist. This specialist (different than a Mold Remediation Technician) will perform surveys to determine the Type, Quantity and Ecology of mold that exists in the structure. Then they will compare these readings with the Type and Quantity of mold levels in a controlled are such as outside the structure or a room far away from the loss area.

Only when one is armed with these facts, can a Hygienist certify that the restoration job has been returned to Pre-Loss Condition.